on voting

“Voting, we might even say, is the next to last refuge of the politically impotent. The last refuge is, of course, giving your opinion to a pollster, who will get a version of it through a desiccated question, and then will submerge it in a Niagara of similar opinions, and convert them into–what else?–another piece of news. Thus we have here a great loop of impotence: The news elicits from you a variety of opinions about which you can do nothing except to offer them as more news, about which you can do nothing.”

Those who fought for freedom had a noble goal and I commend them for fighting for it—though however pure and noble their intention, every movement has its consequences. Voting serves as a medium for everyone to share their voice and opinion, but as Postman describes above, checking off boxes is not the true extent of one’s opinion. I am simply happier choosing silence, especially when my voice may be lost or polluted. Withdrawing my voice from the political realm allows me more freedom than the alternative. I am free from the bondage of the candidate, party or referendum I voted for as well as any agenda that is associated with these political enterprises—all of which are dividing our country rather than uniting it.


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