aspiring to the knowledge of gods

(Photo credit: My Beautiful Husband.)


“In the last program of his television series, Bronowski is seen standing in a pond on the grounds of the old Auschwitz concentration camp. Near-overwrought by what Auschwitz symbolizes, he resorts, as so many have done before him, to a religious metaphor. ‘Into this pond,’ he says, ‘were flushed the ashes of some four million people. And that was not done by gas. It was done by arrogance. It was done by dogma…. When people believe that they have absolute knowledge . . . this is how they behave. This is what men do when they aspire to the knowledge of gods.”

At the end, and after having reviewed the entire history of humanity’s struggle to discover knowledge, Bronowski offers a single lesson: We must cure ourselves of the itch for absolute knowledge.”


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