four things i’ve learned since graduating college

I wanted to write a list because it seems like the way our society processes things now a days. I’m sure we will find better ways—hopefully soon. So here are four very important things I learned after graduating college:

1. There was no sense in rushing school.

This is probably the biggest revelations that I came to some months after graduation. College was one of the most transforming and exciting experiences of my life (besides marriage) and I was too responsible for my own good that I cut my time short. I graduated college a year ahead of schedule at 21 and when the new semester came around for everyone else, I was working a full-time job in the real world. It all worked out for other reasons that I’m incredibly grateful for, but college was more than earning a degree and it is an experience that shouldn’t be rushed if possible.

2. Life is difficult even after you have a bachelor’s degree and marry your soul mate.

I got everything I could ever want—besides a job I am passionate about. I don’t want or need my life to be perfect, but I realized very quickly after beginning my new grown up job that I was not happy and that wasn’t going to change. Being that this was our only income and my husband was still in school we desperately needed the money. I spend a good deal of time applying to other jobs and had no luck. I know many people who have had better experiences finding jobs and I am very happy for them (I may not have been a year ago). This doesn’t have to be your experience, but it was mine and no one warned me.

3. Money is sometimes more important than happiness.

I thought many times during this past year that I would be much happier quitting my job and working at Starbucks because my happiness is more important than money—right? Well, I guess it’s not that simple. Some of what has made me happy has been knowing that God blessed me with a job that has been able to provide for my husband and I adequately (even if it wasn’t my top pick). I still believe I would be happier working at Starbucks with people my age, making minimum wage (or slightly higher) but I would feel quite torn giving up my current salary.

4. God is with me, even if everything is really hard.

Like I have said in previous posts, this year has sucked in many ways and it’s also been amazing in others. I know that everything can’t be perfect all at once—if all I have to complain about is my career path, then I’m pretty blessed. I know God is using this experience to grow me and mold me and maybe I’m just not aware enough or too stubborn to change. This whole year is not for me to figure out or interpret as much as I want to. I know that God has been with me and will continue to be, whether my life is really hard or really easy and that is pretty clear.



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