suburban symmetry


 “O Suburbs of Despair
where nothing but the weather ever changes!”



home is where your pup is


“But Wang Lung thought of his land and pondered this way and that, with the sickened heart of deferred hope, how he could get back to it. He belonged, not to this scum which clung to the walls of a rich man’s house; nor did he belong to the rich man’s house. He belonged to the land and he could not live with any fullness until he felt the land under his feet and followed a plow in the springtime and bore a scythe in his hand at harvest.

…so now again Wang Lung was healed of his sickness of love by the good dark earth of his fields. For he stood first behind the oxen and saw the earth turning as the plow went into the soil, and then himself took a hoe and broke up the soil into fine loamy stuff, soft as black sugar, and still dark with the wetness of the land upon it. This he did for the sheer joy he had in it, and when he was weary, he lay down on his land.”

transient longing

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”

My heart longs for somewhere I’m not,
To see the world beyond famed landmarks,
Exploring the beauty of its unnoticed birthmarks.

My heart longs to simply roam,
A lost nomad wandering the roads,
A curious traveler knowing no home.

My heart will one day find itself a home,
To settle down in its dark and comforting cove,
Of a shelter carefully assembled of wood and stone.